Conceptual tattoo studio

V SOCIETY is a conceptual noble tattoo studio with the aim of an exclusive brand standing for itself.




Branding & Conception



Color palette

Muted dark grey with cool undertones contrasting warm glow orange.





The impact of exclusivity on human beings begins with the Scarcity Principle. Like supply and demand, the scarcity principle says that the more rare or unattainable something is, the more valuable it is.This means: Appointments must be applied for, the brand and the place is not transparently communicated. Everything always has a mysterious touch. Who was allowed to become a member enjoys for it also all other advantages of its.

The perfect branding allows the customers and clients to know what to expect from V SOCIETY. It is a way of distinguishing from the competitors and clarifying what it is what makes V SOCIETY the most desirable.Brands create a bond filled with good memories and good times, and customers will never forget it. A detailed view about the branding of V SOCIETY comes later in this presentation.

Logo design & Brand font

The logo is we wanted to have it reduced to the most sensual essentiality. Extraordinary and an impeccable sense of elegance. The brandfont is “Cammron” which is a modern dashing serif font family. It

V SOCIETY Logo stacked

V SOCIETY main logo

V SOCIETY typeface

Social Media

Uniform line, no obvious and promotional content. All underpinned by the continuous exclusive elegance of V SOCIETY.